2019-2020 Alafia Fellows
2019-2020 Alafia Fellows

Kenya McKnight Ahad
Kenya McKnight Ahad

2019-2020 Alafia Fellow

Alafia Team with Richard Leider
Alafia Team with Richard Leider

Brian Mogren, Neda Kellog, Mary Johnson-Roy, Richard Leider, A.J. Briscoe and Don Samuels

2019-2020 Alafia Fellows
2019-2020 Alafia Fellows


Our Mission

Alafia Foundation champions purpose-filled leaders transforming life in north Minneapolis.


We do this through…


  • Investing in the ideas, enterprise, and inspiration of visionary nonprofit, small business, and social entrepreneurial leaders

  • 2-year fellowships that provide coaching, scholarships and expanded networks of support for Northside leaders as they develop themselves and their organizations for maximum impact

  • Promoting the power of living a purposeful life

Inspired by "The Power of Purpose"

Richard J. Leider's best-selling book The Power of Purpose is the inspiration behind the evolution of Alafia Foundation's mission. All people matter, and all people have unique gifts and talents that we can use to make a difference. When we uncover and pursue our purpose, we become happier and healthier, and the world becomes a better place. We are grateful for Mr. Leider's encouragement and support of our work and our fellowship program. Our fellows are inspiring examples of what it looks like to live a purpose-filled life. Ready to discover your purpose? This book is an excellent resource and is available for loan or purchase from Alafia Foundation, your local library, or favorite bookseller.

Take the leap!

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Alafia Fellowships are granted to residents of north Minneapolis who are purpose-filled leaders of nonprofit, small business or social entrepreneurial initiatives that enhance and enrich community life on the north side. Learn more....

"Alafia" is a spiritual greeting from the African Yoruba tradition that conveys peace, tranquility, good tidings and well-being. We endeavor to nurture and create more Alafia in our Northside community and beyond.